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Birthdate:Apr 13
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Female. 13.04.75 (40). Aries. Graphic Designer. Oldest twin. Wife. Step-mum. Blue-eyed, red-head. Bisexual. Christian. Smokes too much, drinks too much, eats too much take out. Films & classic rock are my LIFE

♥ Jade Rachel. God. Aromatherapy. Arsenal FC. Art. Astrology. Caffeine. Cigarettes. Chinese food. Chocolate. Disney. Fantasy. Horror. London. Magic. Mythology. Psychology. Sex. Steampunk. Tarot. Vodka."

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alchemy, alcohol, aliens, angels, apple inc., aromatherapy, art, arthurian legend, astrology, beaches, bisexuality, blogging, cats, chinese food, chocolate, christianity, christmas, cigarettes, cirque du soleil, classic rock, coffee, cognitive psychology, computers, concerts, cookies, cute girls, cute guys, demons, disney, dragons, drawing, dreams, england, equality, eroticism, eyeliner, faeries, family, fantasy, flowers, food, football, fortune telling, free software, freemasons, friends, geekiness, geoffrey of monmouth, gestalt psychology, ghosts, glitter, god, google, graphic design, green, happiness, harry potter, henry viii, history, holy grail, horror, human behaviour, human sexuality, imagination, inspiration, intelligence, kissing, knights templar, leonardo da vinci, london, lord of the rings, love, lust, magic, massage, masturbation, max wertheimer, meditation, mermaids, monty python, moveable type, movies, museums, music, mythology, nail polish, new york, open source, orgasms, palmistry, past lives, pirates, pixar, pizza, poker, polyamory, porn, psychology, rainbows, red, religion & spirituality, rocky horror picture show, romance, science fiction, sensuality, sex, sexuality, silver, sleeping, smiles, sociology, starbucks, stars, steampunk, strawberries, summer, sunsets, supernatural, swiming, tarot, the beatles, threesomes, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tim burton, tolerance, tv shows, twins, type design, typesetting, typography, unconventional relationships, urban fantasy, vampires, vampires don't glitter, visual art, vodka, werewolves, witches, wordpress, yoga, zombies
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