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If you had told me two year ago that I would be settled down, in a monogamous long-term relationship, with another woman, who had children I would have laughed your head off and probably cussed you out. That was never something that was on my agenda, being settled down, being monogamous. I've always been a bit of a.. well, I guess the term is slut. Different partners each weekend, guys and girls, pick them up on the Friday, fuck them, forget them, repeat at will. Preferably as often as possible.

But then I met Jade Rachel. Who not only had one child (step) but was also pregnant with another. Yes, to start with it was just sex. But I didn't fuck and forget. And the sex kept happening. And then emotions got involved and I realised I was falling in love.

I did't take to it well. I was scared. I.. was not monogamous. Jade Rachel was patient, calm, understanding. We talked and talked and...

Somehow, here we are. Me, Jade Rachel, Regan and Caden Bryce. A family. MY Family. And I wouldn't change it for the world.

I've spent an amazing Christmas with them, with Jade Rachel's family. I'm going to spend New Years with them, which will be perfect. And I'm looking forward to another year with them.


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