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Today I am ostensibly working from home. If you take 'working by home' to mean 'watching Doctor Who with the kids*'. [personal profile] vanillamagick has a hospital appointment this morning - nothing serious, don't worry - one of those appointments that takes 6 months to get. Of course, normally that wouldn't be a problem because Regan would have been at school and she'd have taken Caden Bryce to the hospital with her. Except poor Regan has a chest infection and is off school sick. I didn't want Jade Rachel to miss her appointment so I've stayed at home with them.

I'd forgotten how much I loved the new-Who when it first started. Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. The poor Ninth Doctor, his love for apes and Rose's adventure of a lifetime. Slitheen. Daleks. Captain Jack. Daleks. Autons. Cassandra. Bad Wolf.

I'd like to remain off work long enough to marathon all of new-Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane. And maybe all of classic Who as well. I'm sure work won't mind if I explain my need to re-watch, right? haha

Speaking of the kids, Regan's joined Dreamwidth and her account is [personal profile] glitterangel so please be gentle with her!

* There really needs to be an easier way to say 'my girlfriend's son and step-daughter', but there isn't so 'my kids' will have to suffice!


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